About Simplicity Works


We are a company committed to helping organizations learn and engage employees and customers. Our focus is on strategy and management using data-driven learning, design and marketing. Using these tools, we work with organizations to connect with their audience in a memorable, meaningful way.

We work with amazing brands and organizations to make big things happen. For more information on our process, click here.



Our Values

Authenticity: We strive to be genuine in our communication, human to human, while finding the story and telling it with heart.

Clarity: We practice simplicity in both the way we work and the work we produce.

Partnership: We are committed to mutual growth and success of our clients and team members. We work collaboratively and build strong relationship with people and organizations we believe in.

Inventiveness: We are creative problem solvers; we (enjoy) trying new ideas while crafting solutions that are effective, smart and fun.


Our Culture

Our culture is centered around collaborative-autonomy: Where we combine our strengths, set clear expectations and work together with openness and trust. We see challenges as opportunities and believe risks are necessary for growth.

As a Great Place to Work, we’re dedicated not only to providing the best services to our clients, but also to partnering with our community and workers to create a more compassionate and sustainable world. Paying attention to the environmental, economic, and social impacts of our work has always been key to our company operations. We seek renewable energy sources, encourage the use of public transportation and bikes through reimbursement initiatives, and make environmental sustainability a priority in our home offices. Community and fun are essential–with rewards for going to the gym, a company-wide book club, emphasis on work-life balance, and programs to encourage volunteering.

Our annual Illustrating Awesomeness Scholarship supports young women and gender non-conforming individuals of color who are actively working to change the world. Our grant program produces 2-minute whiteboard animations for selected nonprofits at no cost; we know that the most crucial voices often have the smallest budgets.

Driven to make vital information clear and engaging, our team values continual learning, nerdiness, laughter, and empathetic communication. We believe knowledge can change the world.


Our Projects


Next Day Animations makes explainer animations for a wide range of organizations. Using various styles, Next Day Animations creates animated videos that educate, engage, persuade, and delight.


Simplicity Metrics transforms data into meaningful engagement. We create designs for companies that tell the story of their data, and provide important tools for delivering their message. We bring data to life.



Our Team